Updating Rooms: Laundry, Office, Basement, and Garage

So, your kitchen and living room are already taken care of, but now you’re ready for a new home project! Well, how about updating rooms like the laundry room, office, basement, or garage?

There is always something that needs to be done in or around the house, but we tend to put it off because of lack of money. Being frugal makes so much sense, but we think we have a solution at Builders Surplus. We can help keep costs down and allow for home improvement. Every now and then, we receive a variety of surplus cabinetry which we sell at our West Warwick location. These cabinets would be perfect to add in your garage or basement for some extra storage for tools. Add a few cabinets to a laundry area to keep detergents and cleaners out of sight. Or put some cabinets together to add a bar/entertainment space in a finished basement. How about mounting some wall cabinets in your garage to add more storage and organize all those extra things lying around?

updating rooms


Updating Rooms In Your Home

If you’re looking to convert an unused room into an office, we have just what you’re looking for. Do you work from home or just like to have your own space, an office might be exactly what you need! Check out surplus cabinets first for substantial savings. Or you can either custom order some cabinets through our Eastman St. Woodworks line or check to see what cabinets we’re currently stocking.

updating rooms

Another room people tend to forget about is their mudrooms! For some homes, a mudroom might be your first way of greeting people. Is yours unorganized with shoes and coats everywhere or in need of some tender love and care? We can help you organize all of those loose items, and if you have the space, maybe even consider adding a sink or some wall pantries!

We have what you need to revamp other rooms in your home. Think about the next project you want to work on and stop by the nearest Builders Surplus to get started!