Contemporary Vanities: Me & Zoe Collection

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? Or even just “fix it up” a little bit? At Builders Surplus we have a nice variety of bathroom vanity styles. But today I’m going to talk about one specific collection that is making it’s mark. This collection is geared towards those who are looking for a more contemporary look. Nowadays, people are more inclined to modernize their homes and these contemporary vanities are a perfect way to do that.

Me & Zoe vanities were launched in 2015. Builders Surplus is so excited to be a part of this new company and be able to provide these contemporary vanities to our customers.

Contemporary VanitiesContemporary Vanities

High Quality, Yet Affordable Contemporary Vanities

These lovely vanities were created with today’s homeowners in mind. The design of the vanities is modern, yet classic. They are high quality, but also affordable for people on a budget. These vanities are sleek, beautiful, and functional. Each individual design is unique with specific features which would be a highlight in any bathroom. Their modern edge makes for a perfect new contemporary bathroom. The clean lines and sharp edges transform the entire atmosphere with a simple but sophisticated look. In addition, Me & Zoe offers a beaded door design for a country look:

Contemporary Vanities

Use these vanities as a statement piece in your bathroom. Perhaps you aren’t looking to completely remodel, but you’re sick of the old, outdated vanity taking up space. We love the simplicity of these vanities because you really can add your own flare to the bathroom. When we say add flare, we mean imagine pairing one of these vanities with a dramatic or funky mirror, something to really liven up the room. This specific line of Me & Zoe doesn’t offer matching mirrors to their vanities, but that shouldn’t stop you from designing and decorating a beautiful bathroom space.

These vanities are the newest up and coming trend for homeowners. Think about what a Me & Zoe vanity could do for your bathroom. Come in to one of our locations and check them out!