Eastman St. Woodworks Kitchen Cabinets

With anything you buy, you want to know where it comes from. These days, most people are becoming more and more concerned with where they are getting their products. Whether it’s food, clothing, or cabinetry, it matters. Well, you can be assured that when you buy Eastman St. Woodworks kitchen cabinets from Builders Surplus, you know exactly where they are made.


Our Eastman St. Woodworks line is based right here in good ol’ USA. All of their products are made in Easton, Massachusetts, using the finest quality domestic North American hardwoods.

They are a semi-custom cabinet company and they can really turn your dream kitchen into a reality. They have a great variety of finishes, as well as a plethora of door styles. The styles of doors will vary from a modern contemporary door to a more elegant traditional door. Eastman St. Woodworks gives you the choice of two types of wood: maple or cherry. You can then choose to have your cabinets stained for a more natural look, or painted with a unique color. In addition, they offer an assortment of features and options to add to your cabinets. It could be something as simple as soft closed drawers. Or maybe you’re looking to invest in the newest trend: in-set doors and drawers. Whatever your heart desires, Eastman St. will make it happen.



Sometimes, you go into a remodeling project knowing exactly what you want. And when you get to the home improvement store, they don’t have what you’re looking for. That’s why we at Builders Surplus love letting people know about our semi-custom Eastman St. collection. We give you the opportunity to really choose the kitchen you have been dreaming about. Although they specialize in kitchen cabinets, that doesn’t mean we can’t put together a custom vanity for you as well. Not only can we design your dream kitchen, but Eastman St. Woodworks can also make your bathroom into a statement part of your house. 

Eastman St. Woodworks cabinets meet the use and durability standards set under the guidelines of the American Nation Standards Institute and Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers Association.