White Kitchen Cabinets

Oh, the decisions in front of you when you decide to remodel your kitchen! For instance, you have to think about kitchen design, door styles, color, etc. And do you know one of the most popular color choices? White kitchen cabinets are still a favorite for most homeowners.

Why white? Quite simply, it feels clean, it looks bright.


White kitchen cabinets

Eastman St. Woodworks: Dartmouth kitchen shown in Dover white; Nantucket kitchen in pure white.


That’s not to say that the kitchen area is devoid of color. When the cabinetry is white, it’s like a blank canvas waiting for color. And as a homeowner, you have the opportunity to add color where you choose. For instance, walls are the first option for color. Whether you have an open floor plan or a smaller room size, the wall color makes a statement in a white kitchen.

And don’t forget about the possibilities of color in a tile backsplash, cabinet hardware, furniture, windows and curtains, home décor, and flooring. All of these selections can complement or contrast with your choice of cabinets. That’s why it’s a good idea to go with what you love. If it’s a style you’ve always favored, you’ll probably never tire of it. Trends come and go, but classic design remains.

It’s Your Choice

So, if white kitchen cabinets are your top choice, come visit our stores for wonderful options. Eastman St. Woodworks cabinetry at Builders Surplus is one collection offering a great variety of door styles. These are beautiful cabinets, made in the USA. All styles are available in color finishes from light to dark. For a white kitchen, take a look at pure white, heron plume, Dover white, origami white, and Navajo white. All of them are considered white, but with subtle differences in tone. And remember, the lighting in your home will also affect how a color looks.


White kitchen cabinets

Eastman St. Woodworks: Glendale kitchen in Dover white; Oxford kitchen in Dover white; Salem kitchen in heron plume.


So, now you know white kitchen cabinets are popular. That’s an important bit of information if you’re thinking about renovating a kitchen before selling your home, or if you’re flipping a house. White kitchens sell!