2019 Home Remodeling Trends

So, are you making plans to do some remodeling in the new year? If you’re wondering what you might see when you look around for ideas, here’s a few 2019 home remodeling trends which have received some attention.

Home Remodeling Trends

  • Minimalism
  • Clean lines
  • Natural and handmade accent pieces
  • Cozy area
  • Indoor plants
  • Light wood floors
  • Interesting ceilings

In recent years, Shaker style has topped the popularity chart. Some of our customer’s favorite choices have been dominated by the uncomplicated design and clean lines. It would seem a minimalist trend would take it a step further by simplifying design, décor, and reducing clutter. This style exemplifies plain, simple, and subdued tones.

Another notable trend includes creating a comfortable, cozy area for relaxing and unwinding. Decorating it with handmade accent pieces (tables, storage units, bookcases, artwork) gives a personal touch. Going green with houseplants adds a natural feel and a pop of color.

Floors and ceilings get an update too. Lighter toned flooring gets some love over the greys and darker hues of the past few years. And ceilings get a chance to be in the spotlight. Think about adding decorative moulding, shiplap, and more for interest and detail.

Kitchen & Bathroom

  • Color in the kitchen
  • No upper cabinets
  • Colorful appliances
  • Black in the bathroom

White kitchens, while still very popular, may take a back seat to colorful cabinetry. We’ve seen customers like the opportunity to select a custom color or finish when remodeling their kitchen. Also noted for the new year is open shelving (no upper cabinets). But the verdict is still out on that one. Some feel the kitchen is a busy area and keeping pots, pans, or dishes clean becomes another chore when out in the open. Incorporating a touch of black in the bathroom gives a dramatic effect.

Popular colors

What color is trending for the new year? The choices are many, but some highlights:

  • Matte black instead of grey
  • Gold and metallic finishes
  • Rich, bold colors mixed with a white backdrop
  • Reds, earth tones and light grays will be popular

Trends are great for ideas and to think about something you may not have considered. But remember: it’s your home and your remodel, so be sure to choose what you really love!