5 Trends Still Going Strong in 2017

So, what were some of the home design trends making headlines early in 2017? And which ones are still going strong at year’s end? Here are 5 trends still in the news.

5 Trends … Still Hot!

White kitchens. From pure to snowy to ivory cabinets, white in the kitchen is still one of the most popular color choices among homeowners. It gives a feeling of being light, clean and airy. And when you think about which colors contrast or complement white, the list is endless. Go bold and dramatic with a pop of strong color like crimson red, navy blue or even black. Keep it understated with muted tones of sage green, soft charcoal, or warm coffee. They’ll all work with white.

5 trends

Navy or Grey. Definitely two of the biggest color trends in kitchens this year. We’ve seen navy blue used as the main selection for cabinets; combining with white or grey for a two-tone kitchen; or as an accent color on an island. Grey is a great neutral color for any room in your home! You’ll find kitchen cabinets… bathroom vanities… hardwood, laminate and tile flooring… decking… and an amazing amount of paint color options.

And more than just color

Hidden storage. With the addition of electronics, appliances, and the “I’ve gotta have it” options, storage was a sort after feature for kitchen and bathroom. And if it could be hidden away (but within reach), it was even better! Options such as a pantry pull-out organizer, recycling and waste basket containers, lazy Susan turntables, and chef pantry inserts keep the kitchen clear of clutter. And hidden laundry baskets in bathroom vanities or linen closets keep the bathroom clean and ready for laundry day.

5 trends

Hidden storage: pantry pull-out, recycling and waste baskets, chef pantry insert

Clean line design. While styles and decor change, one of our most popular collections has been the Tuscany kitchen cabinets and bath vanities. They feature a Shaker inspired design with pure, simple, clean lines. It’s a classic. In addition, this understated style offers decorating diversity; it allows for many decor and furnishing choices in and around your kitchen and bathroom.

Backsplash accents. Mosaic glass tiles, subway tiles, stacked stone ledger panels and assorted styles of porcelain tiles give visual interest on kitchen walls. Place tile on the entire area between the base and wall cabinets or perhaps use it in a small accent area. In the bathroom, add color to walls behind the sink, above the backsplash, or in the shower. Try tile around a mirror or create a design of your own.

5 trends

And finally, what 5 trends are in store for next year? Shades of green have been trending as new colors for 2018. We’ll keep checking to see what’s new for you!