Adding Curb Appeal with a New Door

When you drive by the front of your home, are you pleased with what you see? If the lawn is neatly trimmed, the flower garden is in bloom, but something doesn’t feel quite right, perhaps it’s time for a new front entry door. An exterior door is a simple way of adding curb appeal and improving the appearance of your home.


Adding Curb Appeal: Decorative Glass Doors

Decorative glass doors are a wonderful choice to allow light to filter into a home. If you have a dark foyer or hallway at your home’s entrance, a glass door will brighten the area without having to install lighting. Decorative glass doors come in fiberglass or steel and a great variety of styles. Depending on the width your home’s entrance, choose a single door, double doors, or a door with the addition of one or two matching glass sidelites.

Adding Curb Appeal with a New Door

Customer photos of front entrance renovation.

Glass doors are usually rated for privacy which will give you an idea of how easy it is to see through the glass. As a rule, a low number has fairly clear glass allowing a great deal of light and not much privacy. A higher number still permits light to pass through, but the glass has more texture and the view is blurred or indistinct.


Fiberglass or Steel Entry Doors

Another choice is to keep it simple with a classic design that will never go out of style. Consider one of the following fiberglass or steel doors if you’re looking for privacy: 6 panel, 2 lite, or fanlite. For doors allowing a good amount of light, styles include a 9 lite, 11 lite with a round top, half glass, and a half glass with mini blinds. A single or double 15 lite style is a great option for a door leading out to a backyard deck. These doors are always a popular choice for homeowners since they fit well with almost any style of home.

Adding Curb Appeal

Popular styles: 6-panel, fanlite, Prairie fanlite and 15 lite double door

And those are just a few of the exterior doors available from Builders Surplus. There are many more styles, including patio sliders and wood doors. Sometimes, a little change can make a big difference. Adding curb appeal to your home with a new front entrance door may be just the change you need.