Bathroom Remodel: 4 Tips To Help You Save Money

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, you want to try and spend as little money as possible if you’re on a budget. Not always easy to do, but it can be done. Here’s how:

Stick to a Plan: A bathroom remodel is no place for improvisation. Before you start the remodel, make a solid plan of what needs to be done. Give yourself ample amount of time to plan, that way you can make decisions and changes along the way, if necessary. If you aren’t one for planning ahead or you aren’t super organized, it might be wise to hire a designer. He or she will make the most of your space and schedule your contractors/installers in an orderly and timely manner.

Keep the Same Footprint: Make the most of the space you already have. If at all possible, try not to change the layout of your current bathroom. It will help you save money on construction if your plumbing can remain in the same place (and not need to be moved). This will also cut down the amount of dust and debris you might have during the remodel, which makes it hard to live with at times. Try measuring out the cabinets and finding what size works for your bathroom before purchasing.

Which size would best fit your bathroom?


Think Storage: Having storage in your bathroom always proves to be a challenge. After you’ve installed the vanity, shower and toilet, there is almost no room left for anything else. If you have the space to add a linen closet, that would be an ideal solution. But not everyone has that luxury. Try to think vertically by adding upper cabinets if there is enough wall space. Or rather, add some open shelving or a double towel rack.

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Do you need a vanity only? Or vanity, mirror and linen closet set?


Do It Yourself: Get rid of some of the labor cost by doing the work yourself if you can. Give your contractor the exact projects you want them to do and leave the little things which you can complete by yourself.

Planning a bathroom can be easy if you take the necessary steps before you start the remodel. Come into Builders Surplus today and let us help you with your bathroom remodel!