Bathroom Remodeling Terms

A bathroom is one area where lots of do-it-yourselfers and weekend warriors plan on doing it themselves. Below are some bathroom remodeling terms to help you when you’re ready to rise to the challenge and update your home.

Depending on what you want to accomplish, a bathroom remodeling job can be tackled by most homeowners. If plumbing needs to be moved, it’s probably best to let a professional handle it. But installing a new bathroom vanity, a tile backsplash, or a new floor are projects that a homeowner could finish without too much trouble.


Bathroom Remodeling Terms

Backsplash – An area behind the sink, usually tiled, which protects it from splashes.

Basin – Another word for a sink bowl.

Clawfoot – Usually a style of tub which has four legs resembling an animal or bird claw. Can also be found in table or chair furniture.

Countertop – Many styles exist with granite and marble being the most popular. Quartz, laminate, porcelain, and other materials are also available.

Pre-cut countertop – Just as it sounds, the countertop is pre-cut and allows the sink to fit in.


Bath remodeling terms

60″ Double vanity (left); 3 hole faucet mount (top right); cultured marble top (bottom right).


Double vanity – A vanity with two sink bowls. A standard length for two sinks is 60” or larger.

Faucet mount – A single hole for a one-piece faucet with handle attached. A widespread faucet includes multiple holes (usually three) for the faucet and two handles. These are very common, but other styles do exist.

Integral/Integrated sinks – A one-piece sink constructed of the same material as the vanity top.

Pedestal vanity/sink – A pedestal base and a sink basin combine to form a two-piece sink.

Vanity – A bathroom cabinet with a sink/countertop.

Vessel sink – A type of sink which sits above the vanity countertop.


Bath remodeling terms

Vessel sink (left) and integral sink (right)


If you’ve never done any remodeling, but plan to try, just remember to do your research first. Do the prep work correctly to avoid costly errors. Make sure you have all the product essentials and the proper tools. And give yourself plenty of time to complete the job.