The Benefits of Building With Wood

There are many reasons why you should build with wood. These days, people are starting to get more concerned about their environment and the world we live in. It’s important to start thinking about our planet and what we can do to help protect it. Building with wood is one way to help preserve this planet.

Building With Wood: Climate Change

You probably won’t believe me when I say that a benefit of building with wood is climate change. To attack climate change, we need to remove carbon from the air and make sure new carbon is not realized. Wood can do that. Wood can achieve both of those tasks because wood can store carbon.

building with wood

Speaking of climate change, wouldn’t you say it goes hand in hand with our health and well-being? If we can begin trying to make a difference and help with climate change, it will benefit us as well. It will also be beneficial for generations to come. Not only is it good for the environment but being around wood can actually help lower your stress level. It’s soothing and calming for many people.

Wood is also more durable than most products. If wood is properly taken care of it can last over 100 years. Modern wood preservatives enhance natural durability. Certain species of wood are naturally strong and can withstand almost anything. It is also a natural insulator as it helps control energy loss. Due to the pockets within the structure of the wood, it can insulate very well.

building with wood

Wood is simple to build with because it is easy to manipulate its shape and size with little effort. Building with wood is fast and efficient. Although you may not think about this, wood can provide people with local employment. Choosing to build with wood means there are more jobs for carpenters or other woodworkers in the area.

At Builders Surplus we have a variety of unique woods to choose from. From Rough Cherry to African Mahogany, we pride ourselves in what we have to offer our customers.