How To Choose Cabinet Hardware

Get a grip on your kitchen cabinets and bath vanities with the right knobs and pulls. You would think with all the tough decisions you’ve had to make during your kitchen or bathroom remodel that choosing cabinet hardware would be a breeze. Guess again! Hardware proves to be one of the hardest decisions when finishing up your kitchen or bathroom. While it’s a small piece of your project, it might just tie everything together perfectly. You soon find out there are as many cabinet hardware options as there are stars in the sky. What style, size, color, finish? Cabinet hardware is just as important as the big stuff. You will make use of this kitchen or bathroom every day, so don’t just make a quick game-time decision.


Most Popular Cabinet Hardware

At Builders Surplus, we’re here to help you figure out what works best for your style of cabinets. Let’s start with a simple, yet modern and sophisticated look. In our kitchen showroom, we feature beautiful varieties of kitchen cabinets. One of our most popular cabinets are Shaker styled. It is a cabinet design with clean, pure lines… perfect for any home or apartment. We love to pair it with the Naples collection which you can see pictured (below). It’s a very sleek design and looks great with a simple satin nickel finish. In addition, these pulls are great because they aren’t only appealing, but they are very functional. Almost every customer purchasing our Tuscany series ends up pairing it with this exact pull.

 cabinet hardware


Cabinet Hardware and Color

Sometimes people select their hardware based not just on the style of the cabinet, but also considering the color. For example, we matched this traditional style cabinet (ivory toned with a chocolate glaze) with beautiful oil-rubbed bronze pulls. This color and finish accents the chocolate glaze just perfectly. It brings out the detail in the cabinets in the best way possible. It’s a beautiful combination and that’s exactly what picking the right hardware can do for your kitchen or bathroom.

 cabinet hardware


Get Whimsical!

Let’s talk about taking a different approach to buying hardware. Say you’re someone who likes a little bit of flair and you’re looking to add character to your home. We can offer it. The pulls photographed in this picture show you can always choose something a little more whimsical. It adds an element of interest and fun to your cabinets.

cabinet hardware

In conclusion, there are so many options when it comes to cabinet hardware. So be sure to get opinions from your kitchen/bath designers. This is their job; they are happy to help you find the right fit for your cabinets. Each of the cabinets pictures above were paired with the hardware we thought would look most appealing to our customers. We are here to make sure every little detail of your remodel is done right. Most importantly, this is something you will look at every day; you should love every part of it!