Choices in Flooring

When remodeling your home, you’re faced with so many decisions. Flooring is usually one of the last items to be installed. Which flooring will you choose? We offer many choices in flooring at Builders Surplus and here’s a quick overview that might help you with your decision.


Choices in Flooring: Hardwood

First, choose your favorite wood species. Selection includes oak, maple, ash, cherry, birch, or walnut to name a few.

Then, select from a variety of wood grades, board width sizes and finishes that will look amazing in any room in your home. Nothing comes close to the comfort, warmth, and distinctive style of hardwoods.

Maintenance: There’s a little extra care needed for hardwoods. Regular sweeping or dry mopping will keep abrasive dirt or sand from scratching the finish. Water, liquids, or snow which may contain salt, should be cleared as soon as possible. They can end up damaging a hardwood floor if left there without cleaning it. 

Choices in flooring

Hardwood flooring


Waterproof Luxury Vinyl

Install rigid core waterproof luxury vinyl flooring in any room in your home. Waterproof makes it a perfect choice for a bathroom, kitchen, laundry area or even a finished basement. In addition to being durable, it’s beautiful with styles which mimic woodgrain patterns. And no glue installation is definitely a plus.

Maintenance: Easy! Vinyl planks are 100% waterproof. Regular soft broom sweeping or the occasional damp mop (water). Do not use soap or harsh cleaners.

Choices in flooring

Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring


Tile: Porcelain, Ceramic, Natural Stone

The variety in tiles is almost endless! Choose deep colors, light shades, tiles which look like wood, the ever popular travertine, marble, granite, or limestone. And sizes which range from 12” to 16” to 18” square; 6” x 24” and 6” x 36” elongated planks; or 12” x 24” elongated tiles. Occasionally, our stores will even offer oversized tiles up to 16″ x 32″.

Tile is easy on maintenance. A regular sweep of the tiled area can keep scratches to a minimum. And a tiled floor can also be spot cleaned with a damp mop and water. Remember to blot up any spills as they happen, especially on the grout lines.

Choices in flooring

Tile flooring


Laminate is a durable flooring which will complement many kitchen cabinet colors and finishes. In addition, many styles mimic woodgrain or textured finishes. Floating installation has made it easy for the DIY weekend remodeler to tackle the job of installing the laminate planks.

Laminate maintenance: Sweeping is best, but you can clean the entire area with a slightly damp mop, then air dry. Blot up any spills as they happen. And do not use soap or chemical cleaners. For natural cleaners, read labels for care instruction on flooring. 


Editor’s note: Builders Surplus no longer offers laminate flooring styles at our stores.