Decorative Moulding Accents

Moulding and millwork. They’re two simple words which encompass quite a bit in the home building and remodeling world. And in our blog post, we’ll show a few examples of decorative moulding accents which can transform your home.

Styles of decorative moulding accents

The most common profiles found in a home are crown, casing and base moulding. Typically used where walls and ceiling meet, crown moulding features a gently curved profile. And in the kitchen, it’s “crowning” the tops of cabinets. In addition, install it as a top trim for doors and windows.

Casing is trim around doors and windows. It completes the installation by hiding any gaps between the wall and the door or window. Profiles range from plain to decorative, depending on the style of the home. But it’s always best to be consistent with the casing profile throughout the home.

Base moulding is as it sounds: it appears at the base of the wall where the wall meets the floor. As mentioned, profiles vary and should match the style of casing used.

Decorative moulding accents

(l-r) Crown moulding; casing and base moulding; crown moulding as shelving and base moulding 

A few more ideas

Use chair rails to divide a wall space for visual effect. Designers often paint or add wallpaper to walls in a contrasting or complementary color above and below a chair rail. Another plus – a chair rail protects walls from damage when furniture bumps into them.

Create a plate rail around a room to show off antique china or family photos.

Do you have a lackluster fireplace? Give it new life with moulding. A stone or brick fireplace may be the focal point in your living room, but it sometimes lacks visual appeal. For instance, the addition of decorative crown moulding or casing to a mantel will create an invitation to enjoy the new fireplace.

These are just a few ideas on how moulding can be utilized in your home. The profile styles are endless and can be used alone or combined to create your own personal style.

Decorative moulding accents

(l-r) Chair rail; fireplace mantel plus chair rail with decorative panels; cove and base moulding

Finally, visit your local Builders Surplus store to speak with one of our associates for suggestions on how to incorporate moulding and millwork in your home.