Decorative Wall Options

Is there a room in your house with one wall that’s just plain boring? No amount of pictures or photographs seem to be able to give it any interest. Well, we’ve got a few suggestions for decorative wall options to spruce up a wall and take it from flat to fabulous.

Moulding & Millwork

Moulding is a perennial favorite and a budget friendly remodeling project, too! There’s a great variety of styles, from basic to quite ornate. Choose one profile for a simple detail in any room. Or use a combination of moulding profiles to create a stylish and sophisticated look. In addition, painting or staining moulding introduces color and can be used to great dramatic effect.

Decorative Wall Options Blog

Moulding details (l) and shiplap (r)


With rustic appeal, shiplap is a hot trend for decorating. Remodelers and designers are using the wood boards to create texture in places like a cozy farmhouse setting or a clean, beach house style. And it’s a versatile product, too! Not only can shiplap can be placed on walls, try adding it to a ceiling to add interesting texture throughout your home.

Stacked Ledger Stone

As the name implies, stacked ledger stone panels are placed together both vertically and horizontally. So the stone panels have a 3-dimensional appearance. Therefore, light and shadow will play off these ledger stones, giving the wall visual texture and interest. In addition, stacked ledger stones can be used indoors or outdoors. These would be a beautiful addition surrounding a fireplace or an outdoor patio area!

Decorative Wall Options Blog

Fireplace; silver travertine stacked ledger stone detail.


Subway, glass mosaic, and porcelain or ceramic tiles can be a perfect choice for many areas in your home. These tiles have many applications. For instance, use as a backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom, a decorative element in showers, tub surrounds, or to add a pop of color to a plain wall. In addition, use a traditional design pattern with tiles or create one of your own.

Decorative Wall Options Blog

Subway, mosaic and ceramic tiles.

These are just some of the decorative wall options which are available to you from Builders Surplus. And finally, if you like to do it yourself, most of these wall projects are doable! With a little ingenuity, you will create a special wall space in any room in your home.