Curb Appeal: Invest in a New Entryway Door

When you walk up to someone’s home, what you’ll notice right away is the entryway door. That front door makes the first impression, so what does your door say about you? Is it unique? Does it add character to your home?

You’d be surprised what adding a new entryway door could do for your home. There are many reasons why you should invest in a new entryway door, but today I’m going to hit on three main reasons to consider it for your home. Investing in a new door can lower your utility bills, is easier to maintain, and it also gives your home more curb appeal.


New Entryway Door – Energy Effientryway doorcient

These days we are all about energy-efficient everything. Replacing your entryway door or any of your doors for that matter could lower your energy bill significantly. With our doors at Builders Surplus, you’re getting a sturdy construction of steel or fiberglass that will be more durable during New England weather. New homeowners want to know they are going to stay warm and cozy all winter long. One of the main things people look into when buying a new home is if they are going to have to pay an arm and a leg for their utility bills. If they know one of these bills will be much lower, you are a shoo-in for a buyer.

Less Maintenance

Investing in a new door could also help reduce the time you spend on maintenance. Fiberglass doors are almost completely maintenance free. It would be extremely wise as a homeowner to replace your old wood door with a new fiberglass or steel door. We know that as homeowners you might not have the time to cater to your home. Take some of the stress out of your upkeep and invest in an entryway door that will make your life a whole lot easier.

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Entryway Doors Add Curb Appeal

Last, but certainly not least, is greater curb appeal. Adding a new door makes a statement about your style and there are so many beautiful doors. Choose a decorative glass door with full or half sidelites for a sparkling entrance. Perhaps a simple or subtle door design that allows for more privacy. The door is the first impression. When people are looking for a new home, they are greeted at the front door. Make them excited to enter your home! A new door adds value and appeal to your home. Make the best first impression possible and spruce up your home with a new entryway.


*Energy-Star Rated Glass is by special order only.