Exterior Door Styles: Advantages & Disadvantages

So you’ve decided to look at exterior door styles for your home. But you’re having a hard time figuring out which type of door you want. I’m here to give you some of the basic facts you should know when you go to purchase a door.

There are three common exterior door styles you can choose from: fiberglass, steel or wood. Consequently, each type of door has its advantages and disadvantages.

exterior door styles


Let’s start with fiberglass doors. Fiberglass doors are energy efficient. These doors offer up to four times the insulation that wood offers. They also require minimal to no maintenance. In addition, these doors won’t warp or deteriorate over time like wood can. They also aren’t going to dent or rust as a steel door might. Some people choose not to buy fiberglass because they want the authenticity that wood offers. However, you can order your fiberglass door with a wood grain or smooth finish. Then the doors can be stained or painted. One disadvantage of fiberglass doors is the cost. Fiberglass exterior doors will be more costly than a steel door. Once people hear the price, they sometimes shy away from purchasing.


Steel doors are usually the next common option that customers lean towards. However, they aren’t as energy efficient as fiberglass but they offer good insulating value. Depending on your environment or location, they require less maintenance. Steel doors don’t do well near the water. I wouldn’t recommend them for anyone with waterfront property because they will rust overtime from the moisture in the area. Steel doors can easily be dented as well as scratched. They can be painted, but not stained. Steel exterior doors are not available with a wood grain; they come with a smooth finish. A simple advantage is they are less expensive.

 exterior door styles


Last, but certainly not least, are beautiful wood doors. People love them because they can give your home that “high-end look.” Like I stated before about authenticity, you can’t get more genuine than with real wood. Wood doors are warm and inviting. People love their natural beauty and are easily drawn to wood doors. If scratched, wood doors are easy to repair because you can simply sand it down and re-finish it.

However, wood doors definitely have their disadvantages as well. They require regular maintenance. The finish on a wood door will fade over time. Usually, people who purchase a wood door are told to refinish the door every 1-2 years. Here at Builders Surplus, we also recommend people to consider some sort of overhang to protect the door from precipitation. Wood doors easily absorb moisture and this can cause the door to warp or rot. They are also the least energy efficient out of the three types and can also be more expensive.

Now that you know some facts about exterior doors, come in a take a peek at what we have to offer. We know all doors have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately the decision is yours. Take all of these pros and cons into consideration when you go to look for a new door.