First Time Remodelers: Some Advice Before You Start

Now, the following suggestions aren’t necessarily rules, but just a bit of advice for first time remodelers. Sometimes, the best guideline when completing projects by yourself is to plan in advance and keep it simple.

Suggestions for First Time Remodelers

Measure twice, cut once.  The old adage is still true! It’s just plain annoying to realize you’ve cut a board, moulding, or flooring to the wrong size. And if the item was a special order, then it can be a costly mistake as well. Take your time and measure properly.

First time remodeler advice blog

Let wood boards and flooring acclimate to your home’s interior for a few days before using.  It all has to do with the moisture, humidity and temperature in your home. Best to let the materials get used to the area they will be installed in for at least 2 – 3 days to a week prior to working on the project.

Don’t paint directly over stain.  If it’s a glossy finish, it’ll probably slide right off or may bleed through. The stained area needs to be sanded first, cleaned and let dry. Prepped properly, you then should be able to paint.

And speaking about prep work, this is an important step in all home improvement projects. Proper measurements, sanding, cleaning, marking, having all the right tools ready, etc., etc., will help to avoid headaches during your renovation.

If you’re planning to install doors, take a look at our charts for measurements of exterior rough openings and interior rough openings.

Where do you place brackets to hold curtains?  Not on the moulding!! Best place is above the moulding or to the sides of the window casing on a wall. If you have decorative moulding and want to feature it, use tension rods inside the window frame to hold up curtains. Blinds and shades can be placed inside as well.

First time remodeler advice blog

A colored chalk mark is easier than a pencil mark to remove from a project material.

Cleaning granite in the kitchen.  Once it’s in place, do not use citrus or vinegar products to clean a granite countertop. They can be a little too acidic for the surface. And while granite is very durable, it’s always best to place pot holders under hot pots or pans.

First time remodeler advice blog

Hope these suggestions are helpful with your remodeling plans. Remember, don’t rush… take your time to do it right the first time. Now, let’s get to work!