Understanding Hardwood Flooring Grades

When you are picking out your hardwood flooring, you will notice it comes in different grades. Included here is a brief guide of understanding hardwood flooring grades. These grades are given to each floor to distinguish what bundle of hardwood flooring is better than another. In addition, grades are based on the different characteristics and variations of color. The most common grades you will see throughout Builders Surplus locations for new hardwood floors are: Select, Canadian Plus, Mixed, Builder, Cottage, and Rustic.

Understanding Hardwood Flooring Grades

Select & Better hardwood is the top of the line flooring option here at Builders Surplus. Select grades offer the most uniform color with no large knots or pinholes. Therefore, it is very rare to see any blemishes in Select grade hardwood flooring.

Canadian Plus and Mixed hardwood are very similar in their flooring specs. The Canadian Plus grade is a mix of 50% Select & Better and 50% Natural. Canadian Plus and Mixed may have mineral marks and small knots.

Builder flooring is a mixture of 80% Natural grade and 20% Rustic grade. Similar to Rustic grade, it is offered in all color variations. Cottage grade is a combination of Select & Better, Natural grade and Rustic grade.

Rustic grade boards show natural character. Rustic also comes in all colors and has an increase in visible knots and pinholes. Prefinished Rustic grade contains a limited amount of imperfections, streaks and markings. Like its namesake, Rustic grade gives a rustic appearance to your flooring.

Flooring Grades

Samples of flooring grades (clockwise from top left): 3-1/4″ Red Oak Satin (Canadian Plus), 3-1/4″ Birch Montebello (Mixed), 3-1/4″ Hickory (Cottage) and 3-1/4″ Silver Maple (Builder).

As you can see, when selecting hardwood floors there are quite a bit of options for you. This gives you flexibility and creativity when designing your floor space. Flooring selection can be the most important part of a remodel as it is going to tie the entire room together. Stop in to your nearest Builders Surplus location and take a look at our diverse hardwood flooring selection. And remember, as Max T. Value says, “When value’s a must, shop Builders Surplus!”