How to Care for Vinyl Plank Flooring: It’s Easier Than You Think!


If you’re wondering how to care for vinyl plank flooring, we offer a simple guide for keeping your floors fresh and clean for decades to come.

Vinyl plank floors are a great choice because they are attractive and durable. They take a lot of regular foot traffic. Understanding proper care can keep your floors looking their best for decades. You can read on to learn how to care for vinyl plank flooring through cleaning to prevent damage.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is available in an array of colors and styles that will make any room in your home or office look great. Moreover, it’s completely waterproof, so it’s an excellent choice for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, or finished basements with moisture.

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How to care for vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl flooring was invented to be appealing and straightforward. If you’re concerned with how to care for vinyl plank flooring, it will be a relief to hear that cleaning it is a breeze!


Maintain flooring with regular sweeping and vacuuming

If you are wondering how to care for vinyl plank flooring, you probably know that a proper cleaning routine will impact your floor’s longevity. Before you break out the mop, use a broom, dry or dust mop to clean the floor’s surface and remove any crumbs, dust, and hair.

Prefer vacuuming? If you don’t use a “beater bar” attachment, your vinyl plank flooring can accommodate regular vacuuming. If your vacuum has a built-in beater bar, move it to its highest setting so it won’t scratch your floor. 


Use the right products when mopping

Learning how to care for vinyl plank flooring is all about the mop. You can light mop regularly using water to keep your floors clean and bright.

When you want to disinfect or it’s time for a deep clean, some products are specifically made for vinyl flooring, and you want to make sure that’s what’s in your bucket.

Or, even more simply, you can mix your own effective cleaning solution from household products like apple cider vinegar and hot water. White vinegar disinfects, and a few drops of dish soap is enough to cut through built-up dirt. Just rinse off the sticky soap solution with another pass of the mop


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Photo by Polina Tankilevitch