Installing Replacement Windows Quick Reference

When you own a home, there may come a time when you have to replace a damaged or old window. Here’s a simple guide to installing replacement windows. This is not step by step instructions; it’s a quick reference highlighting some of the key points.


Installing Replacement Windows

Installing Replacement Windows

Prep work: Remove old caulking and clean the window frame prior to installing replacement windows.

Installing replacement windows is different from installing new construction windows. Replacement windows are measured and ordered to fit into an existing opening. They can be replaced from inside the home. New construction windows are best used in a home being built where they will be attached to exposed studs. In addition, there’s an extra piece around a new construction window which is called a nail fin (or flange), and is nailed onto the frame.


Quick Reference Tips

  • Remove stops and wooden sashes.
  • Take care to remove the old window.
  • Trim and clean old caulking from window frame. Vacuum any dust or debris around window area.
Installing Replacement Windows

Add insulation to any open areas if necessary. Test fit the window prior to caulking.

  • Test fit new window before applying adhesive to be sure it fits and is square. Make any necessary adjustments.
  • Caulk existing exterior stop.
  • Place window in the existing opening.
  • Add insulation to the rough opening, if necessary.
  • Level window. Attach¬†four screws of the window to the opening.
  • Insulate around the window before replacing stops.
  • Replace stops.
  • Clean windows and hang curtains.
Installing Replacement Windows

A perfect fit!


And finally, replacing a window can take around an hour’s time. It all depends on the condition of the framing and the experience of the remodeler or do-it-yourselfer.¬†Check out online videos or speak with a contractor or professional installer for more detailed instructions.