Introducing Wall Base Moulding

In our last blog, we talked a little about casing. Let’s take it a step further. Introducing wall base moulding or baseboard trim!

This style of decorative moulding is used where walls and floor meet, creating a visual foundation at the base of the wall. Install it alone or with a shoe base and base cap to conceal uneven floor and wall surfaces. This is a wonderful tool for older homes where the foundation has settled over time and things may not line up perfectly.


Wall Base Moulding for Home or Office

When deciding on moulding for a home or office, it’s best to choose a similar style for casing and base moulding. This ties a room together and gives it a finished appearance. Therefore, if you’ve selected a Colonial casing for framing windows and doors, then choose Colonial base for your base moulding.


Wall base profiles

Profiles shown are not drawn to scale.

Types of wall base moulding profiles include Speed, Colonial, Ranch, Shoe, Base Cap, plus Colonial and Ranch Stops. These profiles can be combined to produce a more ornate style. In addition, this gives a plain room added depth and visual interest.

Moulding is usually available plain or primed. It can be stained or painted in a color of your choice.


Added Protection

Finally, baseboard moulding also helps to protect the lower area of a wall from damage. It allows for easier repair due to bumps or scuffs from shoe kicks, toys, furniture, or the rush of a vacuum cleaner.

Wall base moulding

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