Kitchen Island: 3 Benefits of Adding One in Your Home

Have you been contemplating adding an island to your kitchen? A kitchen island can be extremely beneficial if you have the space for it! There are a few good reasons to include an island in your kitchen and most homeowners hope they can. Here’s why:

Kitchen Island = More Storage

This is the most obvious reason as to why you should add an island. Homeowners are always looking for more storage space in their kitchens. You can add different cabinet accessories to keep your pots and pans organized, a wine rack for entertaining, or perhaps add a trash pull out. Some homeowners even choose to include an additional sink within their island. Whatever the choice may be you are automatically adding more cabinet space in your kitchen and I’m sure you will need it.

kitchen island

Family & Friend Gathering

Are you going to be adding seating (such as bar stools) to your island? This is opening up a perfect spot for friends and family to gather. The kitchen is already said to be the biggest gathering space in a home, so now you’ll have more reason to pop a squat and enjoy everyone’s company. It’s a great place to eat, relax, and have great conversations. And it’s also a great space to place food or appetizers when you’re entertaining your guests.

kitchen island

Cooking & Counter Space

Every homeowner’s dream: more counter space! There never seems to be enough. This is also one of the most common reasons people decide to add an island. Counter space is sometimes hard to come by when you remodel your kitchen. When you decide to incorporate an island into your kitchen, you now have a completely new area to include smaller appliances (like a stand mixer) to do some cooking or baking. To keep it totally convenient, always remember to include electrical outlets.

Do you think you can make room in your kitchen for a beautiful island?