Kitchen Staging: 4 Main Tips To Remember

Are you thinking about selling your home? Need help getting people interested? How about kitchen staging? Think about staging the main rooms buyers would be most interested in seeing, especially the kitchen and bathroom. Since new homeowners like to get an idea of what the home would look like it they actually lived in it. However, that is difficult to do when there is nothing but an empty room.

For example, we recently decided to stage our kitchen showrooms. It helps people get a feel of what the actual display could look like in their home.

kitchen staging

Kitchen Staging: The Main Tips

1. Clean, Clean, Clean – Now, you’d think this would be obvious, but sometimes people overlook cleaning because they are so worried about the accessories. After a kitchen is just done, there’s grout and caulking exposed. Just be sure to clean those spots up. Clean the sink. Sweep the floors. Wash the windows. Little (clean) things mean a lot.

2. Declutter – Since people are always looking to have more counter space, don’t clutter the kitchen counters with unnecessary items. Impress them with the amount of counter space available by getting rid of a lot of useless items.

3. Organize – If you plan on putting things in the cabinets (especially ones with glass doors), make sure everything inside looks organized. Exposed cabinets are beautiful. But if the items inside them aren’t organized, it will be off putting to buyers. Try staging dishes or glasses by color or style.

kitchen staging

Kitchen Staging Needs to Make Sense

4. Accessorize with items that make sense in the your kitchen. Kitchen staging can be difficult if you don’t accessorize right. You don’t want your kitchen to come off as tacky. For instance, if you have a modern kitchen, buy sleek and simple items that work well with your modern or industrial looking cabinets. If you have a country style kitchen, find country flavored or primitive styled accessories for the countertop.

kitchen staging

Hopefully, these tips help you get an idea of what you might want to do next time you’re staging your kitchen for an open house, special event, or even just a friendly gathering.