Largest Moulding Selection in New England

With a combined inventory of 400,000 feet, Builders Surplus offers the largest moulding selection in New England. What’s moulding and why should I use it when remodeling? As a dictionary states, moulding (or molding) is “an ornamentally shaped outline as an architectural feature…” It’s a decorative detail or embellishment. And to complete your new home renovation with style, moulding’s a must.

Moulding store photos

Moulding areas in our West Warwick & Lunenburg stores

Now it may not look special lined up on display in a store, but moulding is everywhere throughout homes and offices. One simple purpose is to decorate where ceiling and wall meet, and to add interest to baseboards (where walls and flooring meet). Doors and windows would not be complete without casing surrounding the area where they adjoin to the wall. In other words, moulding and millwork are an integral part of putting the finishing touches to your home.

Largest Moulding Selection – Endless!

There’s an amazing variety to moulding and millwork. In addition to basic moulding profiles, there are decorative build-ups. A build-up is a combination of two or more moulding profiles which create a new design. With a little imagination, you can make a custom look all your own. Keep it simple or let your imagination run wild to create an ornate design. Add a chair rail to create drama with contrasting or complimentary paint colors above and below. Take that idea a step further by introducing a simple or ornate lattice pattern below the chair rail. Or move the eye up a wall with a plate rail. It’s a wonderful way to show off heirloom china or family photographs.

Best selection of moulding

But it doesn’t stop there. Every room, from kitchen to bedroom to bathroom to office, can include a bit of moulding. So, do you need a few ideas to get you started? When you’re ready to build a new home or update your current residence, come to Builders Surplus and get a few suggestions about moulding from our associates.