Maintaining Your New Wickham Floors!

So, you’ve just installed your beautiful new Wickham Hardwood Flooring from Builders Surplus. Lucky for you, the work doesn’t stop there! You want that new flooring to stay in the best possible condition for as long as possible. Which means maintaining your new Wickham floors. Treat and clean them to keep the smooth, polished look you got fresh out of the box.


Maintaining Your New Wickham Floors

For starters, when you come home, it’s always best to take off your shoes when walking on hardwoods, especially during the winter months. (Boots with a deep tread in which pebbles could get caught may then scratch your floor.) It’s important to note: salt from snow removal, water, and dirt are all enemies of hardwood floors. In fact, you should never wash your Wickham hardwoods with lots of water. Any liquid spills that occur should be cleaned up and dried immediately. Never use wax, household detergents, or soap as they will leave a greasy residue on your floor.

Maintaining your hardwood floors

Not everyone is going to have the time throughout the week to mop or polish their hardwood floors. Regular vacuuming of the floors and sweeping up dirt, sand, or abrasive dust before it accumulates will help with the upkeep. Although the Wickham finish is very durable, the longer the dirt, sand, or dust sits on the floor, the higher chance it has of scratching and damaging the finish. Maintaining humidity levels in the rooms in which you just installed your new Wickham flooring is also important. Keeping the humidity levels maintained throughout the year can be aided by proper ventilation, dehumidifying, and heating.


Pets & Furniture Worries

A possible burden to our hardwood floors is our favorite four legged friends! It is important to keep their nails trimmed if pets are going to have direct contact with your new hardwoods on a daily basis. Another precaution concerns the heavier furniture in the room. If it has legs, you are going to want to put protective felt pads on the bottom of them. This will prevent furniture from chipping and scratching the floor if it is to be moved.


Maintaining your hardwood floors

To prevent scratches: Place felt pads under heavy furniture to protect floors. Keep pet’s nails clipped!


Finally, you want your beautiful Wickham hardwood flooring looking as polished and clean as possible for years to come! These are few tips and tricks to help you make that a reality. For other suggestions about home improvement topics, stop in and talk with a trained associate today at one of our five conveniently located stores.