Moulding Profile Guide

Crown, casing and baseboard mouldings can add a very simple, yet impactful touch to any room in the house. Whether you are renovating, or simply redecorating, mouldings go a long way into the style you are looking to achieve. Not sure what to use in your renovation or redecorating project? Your moulding profile guide will give you a few ideas of what goes where. And at Builders Surplus, we have multiple design styles you are sure to love!


Your Moulding Profile Guide

Windows and Doors: The framing (or casing), around your doors and windows can set the tone for the room or house. Some of the different styles we offer at Builders Surplus are: colonial, ranch, Stafford, Windsor, Newport, and belly.

moulding profile guide

Casing (left to right): Colonial, Ranch, Stafford, Windsor, and Belly

Floor: This is going to be where a wall meets floor. Consider speed base, base cap, shoe base, and quarter round. All of these can be used together to create an intricate and decorative touch.

Crown Moulding: Located at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling, lies the crown moulding. The different styles and designs for crown moulding are seemingly endless. They come in different shapes and sizes, and look better when combined with smaller decorative trim.

moulding profile guide

Crown mouldings

Decorative Moulding: Decorative moulding is that extra touch which can separate your casings, floor base, and crown mouldings from the house next to yours. Chair rail, wall panels, and outside corners are some of the little accents that tie the room together and make it yours.


Matching Moulding

A general rule of thumb: you want all of your mouldings to match throughout the home. Mouldings not only cover up the gaps and blemishes on the walls, ceilings, and floor, they also give the room and in turn, the house, character. The crown sits on top, and visually elevates the ceiling height. The baseboards tie in all the rooms as it runs throughout the floors of the house. The mouldings around the windows and doors act as picture frames to the openings of your home. And the decorative mouldings give a personal touch and design to make the project stand out from the rest.


All of these products and more millwork can be found at any of our five locations throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. And remember… when value’s a must, shop Builders Surplus!