Natural Cleaning Products That Work

While New Englanders jump for joy now that Spring is here, we homeowners know it’s time for a bit of household cleaning. With Earth Day 2017 set for Saturday, April 22, you can utilize a few natural cleaning products which you probably already have on your pantry shelves.


Natural Cleaning Products

Love those first warm days when you can open the windows and let a gentle breeze roam through the whole house. But winter’s windy snowstorms can leave behind really dirty windows which NEED a good cleaning. Here’s a mixture which can help those windows to sparkle:

  • White vinegar – Removes mildew, soap scum and can cut grease. A 50%-50% mix of white vinegar and water is a simple window cleaning solution. Most experts say using a squeegee (rather than paper towels) works best. To clean window tracks: start with scattering a small amount of baking soda, then spray with the vinegar/water solution. Wait; then wipe off until clean. A cotton swab helps to clean in the corners.


Also Around the House

  • Baking soda – In adding to its use as a baking ingredient, baking soda been advertised for years as a cleaner and deodorizer around the home. Alone, or mixed with vinegar, it’s one of the best natural cleaners.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – Mixed with water, it can help to reduce mold.
  • Lemons – Citrus acid cuts mold and mildew, plus it leaves a clean scent.
  • Olive oil – Can be used to lightly grease or clean tools and for polishing wood furniture.
  • Essential oils (ala aromatherapy) – With so many scents, this is a popular choice around the home as an air purifier. There are many other ways to use oils, such as cleaners or made into soaps. But be careful with oils, as some people may be allergic to certain scents.
  • Club soda – Some swear by it to immediately remove a stain; others not so much. The debate is on as to whether this is an effective cleaner.


This is a small sample of some of the best natural cleaning products. Do a bit of research and you could create some of your own! And while most of us really don’t enjoy spending time cleaning, it does promote better health. And that’s definitely a plus.