New Construction Windows vs. Replacement Windows

Remodeling? Starting from scratch? Or looking for a replacement? Here’s a quick guide into new construction windows vs. replacement windows and which options might best suit your situation. When shopping for new windows, there are a couple of options: new construction and/or replacement windows. It’s important to understand the difference between the two before making your decision on such an integral part of your home.


New Construction Windows vs. Replacement Windows

New construction windows are going to be the go-to choice for a building a brand new home, attaching an addition to your current home, or placing a window where there wasn’t one before. These situations require the studs of the home to be exposed. At Builders Surplus, we offer a variety of new construction window styles and sizes. So, you can select the one just perfect for your new home or remodel!

Now, if your home isn’t brand new, it doesn’t mean you cannot use new construction windows. In fact, if you are remodeling your home and want to ensure the older, perhaps damaged materials attached to the studs of the home are up to speed, new construction would be the best fit for you.

This brings us to another choice. Replacement windows are designed and sized so you (or your installer) can simply take out the old window and pop in the new one. They are measured to replace just the window and nothing else. Replacement windows are an alternative to new construction windows, as the existing exterior or interior materials attached to the studs do not need to be replaced.


A Quick Guide to Sizes

Every home is designed to different measurements and styles. The sizes at Builders Surplus vary from 28” x 36” to 36” x 60” for new construction windows; and 27-½” x 36-½” to 32-½” x 60-½” for replacement windows.

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Builders Surplus Window Stock Sizes

New construction windows may be less expensive at sticker price, but require more time and generally more money in labor. They’re going to need a whole new opening to install in your new home or addition. As a result, you are not left with much choice. However, if your current window frame passes your approval, then replacement windows are a low-cost selection for you. It’s the less time consuming and generally economical option for you to use while you freshen up the look of your home!