Custom Door Shop


Discover your ideal door at one of our conveniently located stores, and if you require a unique size or specific modifications, we’ve got you covered! Max T. Value proudly announces our on-site Custom Door Shop at Builders Surplus, standing by to fulfill your special order with an impressive turnaround time.

While we may not be able to accommodate every custom design project, we ask you to provide us with as many details as possible for your size and accommodation specifications.

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Custom Door Shop features

Interior Doors

  • Large selection of interior door styles and sizes available
  • Custom height available
  • Molded doors available hollow or solid core with a smooth or textured finish
  • Customized 6-Panel pine door height and jamb depths

Exterior Doors

  • Large selection of glass options available on exterior doors
  • Height and jamb depths can be customized
  • Composite, maintenance-free frame upgrade available
  • Single or double bores
  • Outswing doors / double doors can be made at our Custom Door Shop
  • Customize your exterior door with a doggie door, peep hole, or mail slot




Our stores are located in Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut and northwestern Massachusetts. And at this time, we are local and only service the New England area. In store purchase and pick up only. We do not deliver, ship items, or place orders online or by phone.

If you have a question about this item or any other product shown, please call 866-739-1636. Since Max T. Value is usually out searching for great deals on home improvement materials, our team will be happy to answer your questions. To be connected with our Connecticut store, press option 1. For Rhode Island (Warwick store), press option 2. And for our Massachusetts store, press option 3.

To contact Builders Surplus stores in West Warwick or Central Falls, click on the following link for each store’s phone numbers and hours to speak with one of our friendly associates.