Door Locksets in Polished Brass or Satin Nickel


You’ve found the perfect door and your remodeling project is almost complete. As a result, it’s time to choose a door knob to finish the job. So, come to Builders Surplus to check out door locksets in polished brass or satin nickel and in a variety of styles.


Door Locksets

  • 2 styles of door handles available: knob or lever
  • Available in polished brass or satin nickel
  • Polished brass knob locksets are available in passage, privacy, keyed entry, plus keyed entry and single cylinder deadbolt styles.
  • Satin nickel knob locksets are offered in passage, privacy, keyed entry, keyed entry and single cylinder deadbolt plus dummy (fixed) styles.
  • Satin nickel lever locksets are available in passage, privacy, keyed entry, keyed entry and dummy (fixed) styles.

Types of Locksets:

There are a variety of lockset styles. For example, passage locksets are commonly used for hall and closet doors. In addition, privacy locksets are found on bedroom and bathroom doors. Keyed entry is a secure lockset and needs a key to unlock the door. And finally, a dummy lockset allows entry at all times.

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