Quick, Budget Friendly Remodel Jobs

In this blog, we look at some remodeling jobs that can be done on a small budget and even by the weekend warrior. These quick, budget friendly remodel jobs will have your house jumping into the spring season with a whole new look and feel! Here’s a few tips:

Update Your Entranceway

The most common way to give your entranceway a facelift is to swap out your front door. Adding a new front door to your house will give your home a new identity. Most people tend to have a standard single door, with small or no glass windows. Consider replacing it with our Independence Rectangular glass door, for example. This door will not only add great curb appeal to your home, but will also brighten up your entryway from the inside. Add a couple of sidelite units to it and now you have given a whole new identity to your home!

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Decorate Walls

A very trendy new design is the floating shelf. These floating shelves add a whole new dimension to your home and are very DIY friendly. The shelves add space to a place that may seem to not have any. It will also in turn give you more places to personalize the room and add more character to the home. With our pre-cut and rough-cut lumber selection, you can find a variety of different wood styles to match existing furniture in your home.

Modernize the Bathroom

Giving a fresh new look to your bathroom is not only DIY friendly, but also very budget friendly. With our expansive selection in bathroom vanities, you can totally redo your bathroom all in one weekend! Adding some new tile to the bathroom floor is an easy way to freshen up the bathroom. Porcelain tile can not only be used on the floor but also as a backsplash to the new vanity. And look for specials on decorative mosaic and glass tiles.

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Countertop Makeover

Adding new countertops throughout the kitchen is one of the main ways to instantly add not only style but value to your home. At Builders Surplus we offer granite, quartz, marble and laminate tops. This is a quick and easy way to freshen up the kitchen and provide added value to your home.

These are a few simple, time friendly, remodeling ideas which can quickly change a room or even the whole home. Some may be a little simpler than others, but all are quick, budget friendly remodel jobs. All of these home improvement products and more can be found at a Builders Surplus near you! And remember when value’s a must, shop Builders Surplus!