Quick Fixes: Update, Modernize, Declutter

You’d love to remodel a little before the holidays, but need to keep an eye on your wallet. Here are a few budget friendly quick fixes which will allow you to update your home in time for entertaining family and friends.

4 Quick Fixes: Update, Modernize, Declutter

Decorative Moulding

Quite simply, it’s one of the easier ways to spruce up a room or two. Crown, casing, and base mouldings will improve any room. Keep it subtle and add a bit of detail where it was plain before or let your imagination run wild to create an ornate wall treatment. You’ll be amazed at how a touch of moulding can modernize an outdated trend and add a new sophistication to a room.

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For example, display favorite china dishes or family photographs in the dining room by creating a plate rail on one or more wall. If your home has a fireplace or mantle, placing a touch of decorative trim will enhance the feature as a focal point and give it a distinctive look. Be creative! With a little imagination, you can build a custom look that’s all your own using a variety of moulding profiles.

Bathroom Vanity

If your vanity is somewhat retro, and not in a good way, maybe it’s time to replace the old with a new bathroom vanity. And you don’t need to do a complete demolition to update a bathroom. For instance, use the same area where pipes are already in place. Adding a new mirror, faucet, and modern hardware will complete the transformation.

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Bathroom vanities

Kitchen Island

Have the room in your kitchen for an island? It doesn’t need to be huge for you to love the space it provides for storage. An island becomes an extra work station and frees counter space. And when entertaining, a kitchen island is a great gathering spot to place food and drink for your guests.

And Finally…

Clean Up Clutter

Should be simpler to keep things organized, right? A surplus cabinet provides extra storage and a way to remove clutter and organize a room. And they’re perfect for straightening up an office, hiding kid’s toys, organizing a utility or work room, arranging a laundry area, or decluttering a garage. Everything which was all over the place will now have its own space.

Hope one or more of these quick fixes will help you with your home improvement. Sometimes, a little change can make a big difference!