Replacing Your Windows with Silver Line

A New England winter is right around the corner. And it’s time to start preparing your home for brisk cold air. We know it’s annoying and not many are looking forward to it, but Builders Surplus is here to help you. Getting your home prepped for the cold weather shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, but it does have to be done! One of the main ways to prepare for Old Man Winter is replacing the windows in your home.

Silver line windows


Builders Surplus carries a variety of windows. Two of our locations (West Warwick, RI and Jewett City, CT) feature a surplus window center where you can walk through and choose from many brands and styles. However, Builders Surplus mainly stocks and special orders windows from Silver Line®.

Silver Line® is the nation’s leading vinyl window manufacturer. They provide homeowners with energy efficient, low-maintenance solutions which add beauty and charm to any home. When you buy a Silver Line® product, you can rest assured that this company wants to make sure you are a happy customer. If at any time you need a new part for your window, they will ship it to us with no questions asked.

Silver Line Windows

Now that you know a little more about Silver Line®, let me give you some reasons as to why you should consider replacing your windows. Winter is around the corner, right? And you are already dreading the arrival of your first heating bill. Guess what? Windows with LoE and argon are energy-efficient!* New windows mean your home is less likely to have any warm air escaping or chilly air sneaking in.

And finally, not only are these windows energy efficient, but they are also low maintenance. Vinyl windows aren’t going to rot. Will you have to replace them after some years? Probably. But you won’t have to worry about the wood getting wet and ruined by stormy weather. And best of all, most windows have tilt-in capability making them easy to keep clean and sparkling clear.


Silver Line® states new windows add beauty and charm to your home. You might not be thinking about selling your home right now, but you maybe eventually. Updated, energy efficient, easy to clean windows are a great selling point for people looking to buy a new home. Add a little curb appeal to your home now with a simple window replacement.

*ENERGY STAR® qualified with the appropriate energy efficient options. Must be special ordered.