A Popular Choice: Shaker Style Cabinets

Here at Builders Surplus, we are home improvement professionals. We accommodate many different customers with different needs. Contractors and remodelers… absolutely! We are open to the public, so that means homeowners, house-flippers, first time buyers and do-it-yourself folks. We like to be aware of the most popular trends which are happening throughout our company. Customers are constantly coming into the store looking for the latest trends and products on the market.  For kitchen products, our Shaker style cabinets are on the top of the charts.

We know home improvement projects and remodeling a home can be expensive. But at Builders Surplus, we offer top quality products at amazing prices. So many people come in and say, “We are flipping a house and don’t want to break the bank, but we want quality cabinets.” Now, you’d think it would be hard to find something wonderful with these specific terms. But you’re wrong.shaker style cabinets

Shaker Style Cabinets

One of our top selling and most popular cabinet for kitchens is the Tuscany White. It is all wood construction with dovetail drawers and perfect for any investment property. It is simple, modern and sophisticated. The Tuscany cabinet is a shaker style door with straight lines.

We like to recommend our Shaker style cabinets because their pure design is appealing to many people. This popularity will help when you’re ready to sell a home. People love the way they look and how “clean” and “fresh” the cabinets appear. Another plus is since they are so simple, you can really add character and interest to your kitchen however you’d like. We also suggest a variety of knobs and pulls which work really well with the Tuscany design. You can make your hardware choice a little whimsical if you’re looking to add something fun or different.

shaker style cabinets

This style door gives the new homeowners endless options to add to their kitchen. These cabinets give the house a new look and will definitely add to the selling point. Our Tuscany kitchen cabinets come in a white painted finish.

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We love being able to recommend a cabinet that we believe will work for almost any home. If you look at our testimonial page, many of the kitchens have been updated with our Tuscany cabinets. Customers always leave feeling confident about their cabinet choice.