Show Some Ceiling Love

Ceilings. Once the usual flat white or ivory paint has dried, most homeowners just let it stay at that. Have you ever thought about your ceilings? Probably not. Show some ceiling love with decorative alternatives that’ll add another dimension to your rooms.

Ceiling Love

There are so many choices to make when decorating our homes. What style of cabinets? What type of flooring? Which paint color for the walls? And so on… But ceilings barely get a mention! Flat white paint is commonly used because it hides flaws very well. And if walls are painted light or white, it does make the room feel large.

Some designers call ceilings “the fifth wall” and have given them emphasis by incorporating a design element. Here’s a few decorative ideas which you may want to consider when remodeling your home.

ceiling love

Dramatic effect: (left) Ceiling color and a coffered design; (center) dark crown moulding above the cabinetry; (right) white on white with moulding.

MouldingCrown moulding is what most homeowners know best as a design feature for walls and ceilings. There’s such a variety of styles which can be added to any home! If you have a low ceiling, and would like to add moulding, using a thinner crown profile will help to make the ceiling appear higher.

Coffered Ceiling – A wonderful idea using lumber to create a boxed design. Best used on a high ceiling for dramatic effect.

Shiplap – While primed shiplap is routinely used for walls, it also looks great on ceilings. 


Ceiling and one wall using shiplap and accent moulding.

Beadboard – Pine beadboard (usually tongue and groove) gives a rustic appearance to cabin, beach or farmhouse styles. Leave it natural or choose a paint or stain.


Paint – If white is boring to you, add color. Pastel shades will keep the appearance of higher ceilings. Bold colors will make a dramatic statement. And the ceiling doesn’t have to be painted all one color. For example, create patterns, such as a striped ceiling, or one incorporating geometric designs.

Stencil – If you don’t want to add color to an entire ceiling, a stenciled design might be what you’d prefer. Add a stencil pattern on a ceiling near to where it meets the wall, or around a central lighting fixture if your room has one that you’d like to highlight.

Wallpaper – This is another option for adding color and pattern. If you don’t want to wallpaper an entire ceiling in a room, you can always choose a section of the ceiling (say, the center of a large room) and place a molded border around it.

Decorative Tiles – These can be found in a variety of design styles and materials, such as copper, tin, and styrofoam to name a few. 

So, look up! A little ceiling love might be just what you need to give a boost to a room in your home. And for more ideas, check out our Pinterest pages and the board: Surprising Ceilings.