Sliding, Gliding, Hiding Interior Doors

In addition to standard passage doors, there are other interior door styles. Barn, bifold, sliding and pocket doors all work on a track. They move side to side instead of swinging open and shut from a hinge. These are perfect when space is tight for a door to swing completely open. Listed here are a few sliding, gliding, hiding interior doors.


Barn Doors

Barn doors, open and closed

Sliding, Gliding, Hiding Interior Doors

Barn – Styles can range from wood to modern materials, with a rustic, old style barn door appearance being the most popular. Track hardware is placed above the door.

Bifold – Doors that fold in sections, allowing for extra space. A great choice for closets.

Sliding/Sliders – Usually glass, but can be made of other materials. Sliders are two doors, one in a fixed position and one movable, which slides open and closed.

Pocket – These are similar to sliding doors with the exception that the door(s) move smoothly into a wall compartment. When fully open, the doors are completely hidden from view.

Bifold and patio slider doors

Bifold and patio slider doors

Interior Sliding Door Terms

  1. Rails/Tracks – These hold the door in place and allow the door to slide open and closed.
  2. Hangers – Attached to the door; plus connects a door with the rollers.
  3. Rollers – Attached to the hangers; these slide along the rails.
  4. Stopper – Just as it sounds; placed at the end of the rails to stop the door.
  5. Slab – Quite simply, a door with no frills. No hinges, no frame, nothing but the door.
  6. Frame/Jamb – It’s the frame surrounding a door. (Pre-hung doors have the frame already attached.)


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