Surplus Cabinets: Great for Storage and Organization

What places in your home could use a little more organization? Where is storage an issue? Our surplus cabinets are a perfect solution!

These cabinets, sold at a fraction of the cost of custom cabinets, would be a great addition to a laundry room, office, basement or garage for extra storage and organizing just about everything. Visit our stores in West Warwick and Lunenburg for the best variety of surplus cabinets on display.

Surplus Cabinets Blog

Surplus cabinets

Indoor Ideas for Surplus Cabinets

Add a few cabinets or a wall pantry near your washer and dryer to keep detergents and cleaners out of sight. For example, place a laundry basket in a cabinet and your dirty clothes are hidden away until wash day.

Surplus cabinets in the basement will give you extra storage for tools, and with the addition of a countertop, you also gain a work space for your small home projects. In addition, you can organize seasonal items, sporting equipment, or items you only use occasionally. Another bonus of using cabinets is they will keep dirt and dust off your items. Plus they’ll eliminate musty or damp cardboard boxes.

A few more ideas? Create a bar and entertainment area in a finished basement or extra room by adding cabinets, a small fridge and sink. Then continue organizing the area by including a place for videos, CDs, games and books.

When creating a home office, Builders Surplus could have just what you’re looking for with better than box store prices. Do you work from home or just want your own space? Forget the tin file cabinets. New cabinetry will give you an office with a great look, plus an abundance of organization and storage.

Surplus Cabinets Blog

Surplus cabinets are Max T. Value approved!

Garage & Porch Storage

The garage is one area which gets messy fast. Car parts, lawn care, tools, hoses, pool supplies and more always accumulate in the garage. How about mounting some wall cabinets for light storage and base cabinets to organize all those extra things lying around? You’ll be amazed at the space gained in the garage with everything put away in cabinets.

If you’re lucky to have a 3-season or 4-season porch, a few cabinets can organize items used during the year. Seat cushions, small grill items, gardening tools and more can be neatly stored away, but accessed quickly when needed.

Substantial Savings

So, there you go! Just a few suggestions to start organizing with surplus cabinetry. As mentioned, our Lunenburg and West Warwick stores carry the best selection. Surplus inventory styles, sizes, and finishes change regularly. So, stop in today and check out the substantial savings on surplus cabinets.