Specialty Surplus Doors

Builders Surplus is one of those stores where you really don’t know what you might find when you walk in. We love that we can offer something different to our remodeling community. Like our surplus windows center, we also offer a variety of unique specialty doors (interior as well as exterior). These are not items which we stock so that means they come and they go very quickly. Just because these doors are considered surplus to us doesn’t mean they are damaged in any way. These are specialty surplus doors which Max purchased and offers at substantial savings.

For example, just last month we had beautiful cathedral wood doors! These are not something we would normally have in-stock. So if you’re looking for something a little different, stop by our stores to see what’s available.

surplus doors

Add Character with Our Surplus Doors

These surplus doors are great for people looking to add character to their homes or whatever project they might be working on. What Max will do is buy lot sales of doors which we believe homeowners and remodelers will love. From beautiful mahogany to durable fiberglass, we search for an assortment of door styles and sizes.

surplus doors

You’ll never know what you’ll find at your local Builders Surplus. In the past, we’ve had a wide selection of mahogany entryway doors. They were very popular and were gone quickly. Best to remember to stop by now and then to see what’s on display at our stores. We pride ourselves in the unique items that we carry. We know many customers that come in just to check out our new products. The customers that have been shopping at Builders Surplus for years know these surplus doors don’t stick around for long.

Now just because they are surplus doesn’t mean we don’t offer special order doors. We offer in-stock and special order for interior and exterior doors through our customer door shop! Come in to one of our locations today to check out our selection of doors.