Three Remodeling Projects to Complete During Winter

Holidays are over… the cold and snowy weather is here… got the winter blues? Perhaps a home makeover will help to brighten the mood. Here are three remodeling projects to complete during winter. And the best thing about these home improvement projects is you control your budget. If you’ve been saving up and are ready to renovate, you can remodel your home all at once. If your budget is a bit tight, choose to complete your projects room by room.



Unless you’re an avid outdoor winter sports enthusiast, you’re probably spending a lot of time indoors, especially if you live in the northeast. That’s when you can really take stock of your surroundings. How are your floors holding up? Are they worn or outdated?

Winter is a perfect time to update your flooring. It’s easy to fall in love with the look of hardwoods, as you consider the natural beauty, warmth, and durability of hardwood flooring. Plus it comes in a great variety of wood species, sizes and finishes. At Builders Surplus, we carry a selection of oak, red oak, ash, maple, birch, and hickory by Wickham Hardwood Flooring. And one of these floors will look beautiful in your home.

Laminate and luxury vinyl flooring are also solid choices and work well throughout the home. They’re also a bit more budget friendly than 100% hardwoods. Both are durable selections for high traffic areas. The luxury vinyl also has the added benefit of being waterproof and would be a good choice for a bathroom or a basement remodel.

Porcelain tile is yet another durable choice for bathroom and kitchen. And it’s no longer the same old 12” square tile selection anymore. You’ll be amazed at the elongated plank styles and sizes available. So many great choices!


Hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl & porcelain tile flooring



Another budget friendly remodeling project is upgrading your interior doors. You’ll find quite a selection of prehung or slab doors to help you modernize your home. Choose from molded, wood, wood with glass, barn doors or bifold doors to give a fresh appearance to any room. And don’t forget to finish the project with moulding! For example, update casing with decorative moulding styles of Stafford, Windsor, or Colonial. And Colonial or Speed Base moulding will complete the room’s transformation.

3 Projects to Complete During Winter blog

6-panel, Santa Fe & Craftsman molded interior doors; Colonial casing and base moulding.


A new bathroom vanity? Yes, please! Update your outdated vanity using the existing plumbing for a remodel which won’t sting your budget. With so many new styles of vanities, there’s sure to be one at Builders Surplus that you’ll love! And adding a new floor to your bathroom at the same time will complete the transformation. If you’re handy, this is a great DIY project which will add to your home improvement savings.

3 Projects to Complete During Winter blog

Tuscany Merlot, Lancaster 1 & Remington bathroom vanities


These are just three remodeling projects to complete during winter. In addition, you could update stairways with new treads, add a chair rail to a dining room, install crown moulding, update countertops, renovate an unused small bedroom to a home office, complete a woodworking project… What would you like to do? These projects will keep you warm inside your home while the coldest season is all around outside.