Top 4 Choices for Interior Door Styles

If you’re remodeling the inside of your home, is there a specific style door you’d like to incorporate? Wood, wood with glass, molded, and bi-folds are the top 4 choices for interior door styles. When it comes to choosing a door, what would work best in your home?


Mostly found in pine or fir, but other wood species are available. The 6-panel design is one of the most common doors found in homes, but it can come in a variety of designs from one to six panels. Current popular choices include a 2-panel door with rounded top and 2-panel Shaker inspired door. Depending on the style of your home, a Craftsman style door is a simple alternative.

Barn doors have been a recent hot trend for homeowners. They are attached to the wall and slide from side to side for opening and closing. These are perfect for rooms that may not have the space for a door to swing wide to open.

Top 4 Choices for Interior Doors blog

Wood doors (l-r): 6-panel, 2-panel round top, 2-panel Shaker, K-style barn door, and Z-style barn door


There are 10-lite and 15-lite single or double doors, which are commonly called French doors. (Also available as a one-lite or full view.) They are always a popular choice, especially in older, more traditional style homes. These doors permit light to come into a room, but when closed, allow for some privacy.

Wood doors can remain natural or stained to show off the wood grain. And they can be painted a solid color or almost any color combination to make a visual impact.


Another selection for top 4 choices of interior door styles are molded doors. Many molded doors mimic the styles of wood doors. You’ll find the popular 6-panel, Shaker and Craftsman styles as well as a variety of other options. Most are available as either a hollow core (lighter weight) or solid core door. Some doors are smooth while others may be available with a texture resembling a light wood grain.

Bifolds are very similar in style to molded doors, except that the door panels fold and slide when opening and closing. It’s another great choice for a room without a lot of space for a regular size door to maneuver. Bifold doors also work well for large closet openings or to hide storage items or perhaps a washer/dryer setup.

Top 4 Choices for Interior Doors blog

Molded doors (l-r): 6-panel, 2-panel arch top (Princeton), and 4-panel bi-fold (Stanford)

In closing, doors are everywhere throughout the home. And now you know there are many choices of interior door styles. Take some time looking at all the styles available to you and consider the design of your home. Doors are functional and necessary, but you can decide if you want them to be a low-key part of the room or a focal point.