Trends In Kitchen Home Improvements

Here we are, a few months into 2018. We took a look at the local trends in kitchen home improvements which our customers are planning and completing. Are they similar to the national trends forecasted earlier in the year? Yes, in quite a few areas!


Trends in Kitchen Home Improvements

Remodeling a kitchen is consistently a prime project here at Builders Surplus. And with no surprise, white kitchen cabinets are still a top choice with homeowners and remodelers. Grey cabinets are continuing their trend from the past year as one of the favorite finishes. Other color choices such as navy blue and soft shades of green have received a lot of consideration.

Contrasting two tone cabinets are slowly gaining popularity. And the stylish look of a black and white kitchen is considered a classic!

When it comes to door styles, contemporary, Shaker and cottage styles are selected over many other cabinetry door designs. It appears clean lines and straightforward style appeal to many homeowners and with good reason. An uncomplicated design allows for more choice with decorating. Home décor can complement or contrast when a classic style is your base.


Kitchen Trends

(l-r) Wall pantries; kitchen islands; leathered granite countertop

If space is available in a kitchen renovation, wall pantries – with their abundant storage – are a great selection for organization. An island has also become a top choice for the addition of appliances, such as a microwave oven, a small refrigerator, or an optional wine rack. And many homeowners are taking a serious look into the cabinet options that will make their new kitchen work best for their lifestyle.

Darker toned countertops, such as leathered granite, are a popular option to complete the look of a new kitchen. The dark hues give a white kitchen pop and a nice contrast. Cabinet hardware choices are more streamlined and simple, in keeping with a clean door style.


Flooring Choices

We found hardwoods are a homeowner’s preferred flooring. In addition, luxury vinyl or porcelain plank tile with a wood appearance has also become a favorite look for homeowners. These flooring choices provide durability in high traffic areas, such as a kitchen, and are available in many finishes and styles.

Kitchen Trends

(l-r) 5″ Red Oak hardwood – Montebello finish; Coastal Grey Rigid Core vinyl flooring; Zebra Wood Oak porcelain tile