Your Style Choices for a Bathroom Vanity

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom? In need of a new vanity and a new look? Builders Surplus has an assortment of different bath vanity styles. Whether you’re looking to keep it traditional or go for something a little more modern, we have just what you need.

Your style options are unlimited! Choose modern sophistication or traditional/colonial classic or contemporary chic. Maybe a bit of country charm? Your bath (especially if it’s a master bath with plenty of space) can become a retreat from a long hard day at work.


Traditional vanities add elegance to a bathroom. They feature comfort and beauty in your bathroom, all the while maintaining a classic look that never goes out of style. In addition, traditional vanities can also be known as “furniture-style” vanities. They usually give the bathroom a “European feel.” A traditional vanity can highlight more detailed moulding, carved woodwork, and feature elegant hardware. Most people prefer traditional vanities to be made with hardwood to get that authentic feel. They usually come in whites, beige or any light color, but can also be found in darker tones.



If you’re looking to go for a more modern look, consider how you want your bathroom to appear. For example, modern vanities have a minimalist design. In addition, they are sleek versus traditional furniture style vanities. They appear “clean cut” if you will, with straight, sharp lines. These vanities have been inspired by the mid-century modern design movement. It’s best to use a modern vanity when you’re trying to maximize space in your bathroom. Since the style is a little more simple, it won’t be too “busy” in your small bathroom.



So, let’s move on to another popular vanity style: country vanities. They add a warm and welcoming feel to the bath. Country vanities feature natural surfaces and look. If you’re looking to country as an option, consider the overall appearance of the bathroom. You need to keep it natural. A stone countertop would be a great pairing with a country vanity. If you go with stone, remember to think of natural colors to enhance the wood. You really want to incorporate as much “nature” as possible. Similarly, keep everything including accessories, very natural. You want to “bring the outside in.”


In conclusion, each style has their own unique features. Try to imagine your new bathroom right now. What do you see? And what would you like to see?