Where to Buy Shiplap for Walls and Why You Should Use It In Your Home

Adding Visual Interest to Your Home: Where to Buy Shiplap and How to Use It


Shiplap has been all the rage in home design. While trends may be cooling down, there are uses for shiplap that go beyond the fashionable moment and create beautiful looks that will endure. It’s a versatile material worth your consideration, and shouldn’t be dismissed as a passing fad. When it comes time to add visual interest to an accent wall, or throughout your beach, rustic, or historic home, shiplap is a perfect choice. You need to know where to buy shiplap for walls and how to use it best. 

At Builders Surplus, we carry clear and primed shiplap – a type of wooden board commonly used in the construction of barns or sheds. It has the rustic charm of reclaimed wood, and many designers and homeowners are using shiplap to create texture and add visual appeal. Shiplap is used on walls or ceilings in any room to add interesting texture throughout your home.

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How to use shiplap


If you’re asking where to buy shiplap for walls, you probably have some idea what you want to do with it. But here are some considerations that might surprise you. 

Ideal for a cozy farmhouse setting or beach house style, shiplap suits the historic homes of New England. 

Shiplap boards have grooves cut into their edges for a tight, overlapping fit. You can attach it to the wall vertically or horizontally. You can even use it on the ceilings. 

What’s more, shiplap can be used in any room in your house to add texture and visual interest. It creates a lot of character, and is installed easily with just a few basic tools you probably already own. Just a saw, level, stud finder, hammer, and nails will do the job. 


Shiplap for an accent wall


A wall should be more than a flat surface and a window. And an accent wall is a wall that stands apart from the other walls in a room by having a different color, texture, or materials. 

If you want to draw the eye to a particular wall, a good rule of thumb is to create texture. Shiplap or decorative wall moulding make a great choice for an accent wall. 

In fact, any room in your house can have an accent wall, and your home is unique, so it’s up to you which wall to use. Examples of where to use shiplap on an accent wall can include:


  • Entryway, to create charm from the first step inside
  • Behind the headboard in a master bedroom, to anchor the room
  • Living room wall, to make your furniture stand out
  • Dining room wall, to create an appealing atmosphere
  • Kitchen wall, to add country kitchen appeal
  • Ceiling, to add visual interest when looking up


Where to buy shiplap for walls


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