Asking How to Care for Mahogany Deck Boards? Check Out These Tips!

We look at the main reason homeowners want to know how to care for mahogany deck boards, and what to do about it


Wondering how to care for mahogany deck boards? The good news is that mahogany is a superior wood for decking. It’s low-maintenance because it’s durable, doesn’t splinter, and resists decay and wear. 

The main reason homeowners wonder about how to care for a mahogany deck is because they want to restore the red-brown color to the wood after time in the sun. Read on here for some tips to keep your deck looking attractive and fresh. 

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Restoring Color

Since mahogany is so durable, the main reason homeowners wonder about how to care for mahogany deck boards is discoloration. With time, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will bleach the color out of any outdoor wood. Mahogany is an excellent wood for decking but even the warm tones of this beautiful hardwood go silver under the sun if not treated. 

Some people find the silvery tones of older wood attractive. But if you’d like to restore your mahogany deck to its previous glory, you can do so in just an afternoon. It’s a simple job if you have the right materials. You can keep things looking fresh by learning how to care for mahogany deck boards.

How to Care for Mahogany Deck Boards: Top Tips

Here are the top things to consider about restoring color to your deck:

  1. How often you need to treat your deck depends on whether it gets direct sun. In full sun, you may want to treat it yearly to maintain the best color.
  2. If treating a brand new deck, simply sweep it and wash it. Then let it dry before you apply your oil according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Not all new decks require this step, as the mahogany decking may have already been machine sealed.
  3. If treating a weathered deck, look out for signs of stains or algae. These can be removed with scrubbing and deck cleaner, or without chemicals by gently power-washing. Properly operating the pressure washer is an important part of how to care for mahogany deck boards in this case, because the force of the water can damage the wood if used improperly.
  4. Treat your mahogany deck with a high-quality, penetrating oil formulated for mahogany, or it will not soak into this dense wood. If color restoration is your goal, make sure you are selecting a product that has a mahogany tone. 

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