Things To Consider When Building Your Deck

So, you’ve decided you want to expand your outdoor living space. Take some time and do a little homework before jumping in head first. It can be very easy to overlook some basic necessities which can lead to some major headaches down the road. This is a brief guide on some things to consider when building your deck.

4 Things To Consider When Building Your Deck

First, ask yourself why you want a deck. It could be you want to entertain friends, have a nice casual place to dine and drink during the warmer months, or building around a pool, hot tub or other recreational areas. This is step 1 in the planning process, as it’s going to set the tone for the design and specs of the deck.

Next, you want to figure out the layout of the deck. You want to visualize how it is going to look in the designated location on your property. A good tip is to get some string and tie it to a few stakes in the desired shape of where the deck will go. This will give you a visual idea on just how big or small it will look. Some people do not take this into consideration, and upon completion, could be left very disappointed.

Often times a deck can only be built in one specific place in your yard. However, if you have the luxury of a couple of different places to build, you’ll want to consider these tidbits. The sun is going to set and rise every day and you’ll want to place the deck in a location where you are going to be able to take advantage of this view. Also, Mother Nature will no doubt play a role here as well. Be sure if you want to be able to enjoy the deck while it is raining or windy, you prepare for such conditions. Lastly, the proximity to the house. Some people want to walk out of their back door onto their deck while others want it separated from the house. Which option do you prefer?

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Before You Build

Finally, the not so fun part. Budget and legal requirements. Check with your local governments’ building codes before buying any materials. Some local counties will have rules and restrictions on what you can and cannot build and this is certainly something you will want to know before starting construction. When it comes to budget, keep this is mind: how big the deck is going to be, how creative is your design, will you build it yourself or have a contractor do the job, and of course, all materials.

If you’re like myself, there’s nothing better than having dinner on the deck with friends come summertime. There’s a lot that goes into building a deck, so plan ahead and build the deck of your dreams!