Unfinished Exterior Wood Door Requirements

A beautiful wood front entrance door makes a statement and adds curb appeal to your home. Shown in the photo below are unfinished door units in alder or mahogany. In order for these doors to last for years, two important unfinished exterior wood door requirements must be met by the purchaser. In addition, an information label is attached to the outside of each door jamb stating these necessary requirements.


3 Unfinished Exterior Wood Doors

Unfinished exterior wood doors in alder or mahogany.


Exterior Wood Door Requirements

 1)  The doors must be painted or sealed.

  • The wood door must be finished prior to or immediately after installation. This will help prevent damage caused by the elements.
  • All exposed surfaces, including the top, side edges, and cutouts for hardware must be finished and sealed equally to ensure lasting performance.
  • Apply stain (if desired) and then three (3) coats of exterior grade clear coat of polyurethane or equivalent finish, with UV inhibitors.
  • Sand before staining and between finish coats with a fine-grit sandpaper.


2)  An overhang must be present.

  • All doors must be installed beneath an overhang that extends outward from the house.
  • Projection of the overhang must be equal to half the height of the door. (Measure from the bottom of the door to the lowest point of the overhang.)
Unfinished Exterior Wood Door Jamb label

Overhang measurement.

The exterior wood door unit requires an overhang to protect it from the sun and elements. The overhang projection must be equal to at least half of the overhang height.

Completing these two exterior wood door requirements will allow your beautiful new door the protection it needs to last many years.