What Sizes Do Bathroom Vanities Come In? Your Bathroom Remodel Starts Here!

What Sizes Do Bathroom Vanities Come In? What You Should Know Before You Remodel Your Bathroom


If you are asking, “what sizes do bathroom vanities come in?” then you should know that vanities do come in a range of standard sizes. However, custom designs are also an option and the perfect vanity for your bathroom depends on the layout of your space and the design of your remodel. For more information on determining which vanity is right for you, read on!

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Bathroom remodel: choosing the right vanity size

Something as simple as an upgrade to your bathroom vanity can make a world of difference to the look and feel of your bathroom, as well as how you use it.

If your plan is to replace your vanity with a new one of the same size, simply measure the length, height, and depth of your current vanity and choose one that has the same dimensions. Make sure that your new vanity top aligns with your choice of faucet, too. 

But if you’re cooking up a dream bathroom or doing a larger remodel, asking what sizes do bathroom vanities come in is only the first step in selecting the ideal vanity for your new bathroom. 

Your bathroom’s available space will determine what size is right, but considerations like style, material, finish, and even what sort of knobs and pulls you prefer is up to you. 

What sizes do bathroom vanities come in?

If you are asking, “what sizes do bathroom vanities come in?” then you should know there are a range of standard sizes. Standard dimensions depend on whether it’s a single- or double-sink vanity. 

Standard widths (in inches) are 24, 30, 36, 48, and 60. The standard depth is around 20-23 inches, though you can find narrower models for smaller spaces. Vanity height can range from 30 – 36 inches. Select what’s most comfortable for you and the members of your household. 

To make sure your bathroom vanity is the right fit, get measurements of the location or the current vanity you are replacing. It can be fun to tape out various profiles to get a feeling for what the new vanity would feel like in the space.

Of course, choosing the ideal vanity size depends a lot on the layout of your bathroom.


What to consider about room layout

Before you select your new vanity, make sure you account for the location of existing plumbing, outlets, or electrical switches. While plumbing and wiring can be moved, it can be complicated and costly to do so. You may choose to work around those elements as they are.

Also, think about other features of the room such as moulding and trim, and what you have in mind for your mirror and backsplash

Plus, it’s important to leave clearance for easy walking room, door swings and opening drawers. 


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