Your Home Design Style

What is your home design style and do you have a definite preference? Whether you’re most comfortable with bold color choices, crisp contours, or the love of rustic wood, every style expresses a little bit about you.

But that’s not to say you have to only choose only one for your home. Some styles can blend quite harmoniously. For example, think of transitional design with its elements of contemporary and traditional style. Or a relaxed country style mixed with a little farmhouse. While other design styles, like the very structured industrial look, make a strong statement and prefer to stand alone.

So, if you want to explore a particular style for your home, here’s a few notes about different design and décor characteristics.


Your Home Design Style


  • Classic style, casual and comfy feel
  • Symmetry
  • Curved lines, features and carved details
  • Similarly, harmony of patterns and color
Arlington Cabinets

Arlington Kitchen Cabinets in greystone & onyx finish by Marsh Cabinets


  • Simplicity of form
  • Focus on workmanship
  • Built-in elements
  • Moulding and wainscoting on walls
  • Can also be known as Arts & Crafts / bungalow style


  • Above all, think minimal
  • The clean lines of Shaker style appeal to modern design
  • Absence of decoration
  • Neutral color palette
  • Uncluttered
  • Natural light (windows without curtains or shades)
Home design style

Contemporary 4-Lite door with sidelites; Craftsman 6-Lite door with sidelites; Shaker style cabinets (l-r)


  • Clean, sleek lines
  • Solid colors (neutral with bold color)
  • Furniture is basic shapes and forms
  • Softer, rounder than modern edges
  • Asymmetrical elements


  • Wood and natural elements
  • Classic American style
  • Salvage materials
  • Antique shop and flea market finds
  • Informal and cozy

And still more home design styles:

  • Farmhouse – Radiates warmth, simplicity, and natural wood elements
  • Transitional –  Considered a bridge between traditional and contemporary
  • Industrial – Structural; incorporates exposed building elements; open floor plans
  • Eclectic – A wide range of diverse styles within a space
  • Minimal – Uses simple forms and structures (especially geometric)
  • Scandinavian – Known for simplicity and functionality; serenity


As you can see, there are plenty of style choices. But most of all, it comes down to what makes you feel good about the space you’re living in. So, explore the different styles and create a home that is perfectly comfortable for you and your family.