Autumn Home Improvements

September’s here with cooler weather in the forecast, apple picking at local orchards, and long drives to check out the colorful New England foliage. It’s also a time to think about autumn home improvements. Taking care of a few things around your house now will help keep it in prime condition throughout the coming seasons.


Autumn Home Improvements

Here’s a few suggestions to consider:

  1. Prune trees and mulch perennial gardens – Many flowering or fruit trees go dormant during the winter to prepare for spring and summer bloom. Now’s a good time to prune back overgrown or dead branches. This is important as a winter snowstorm could break those branches and cause damage to the tree (or your home if a tree is in close proximity to it). A light mulch over perennials will help them survive during the winter months.
  2. Plant a tree – Nature is good! And fall is a perfect time to add a tree to your home’s landscape.
  3. Paint or vinyl siding – Cooler weather is a plus when working on your home’s exterior. Update with a fresh coat of paint to your house, or just change out the color on trim and shutters. If you’re looking for durability and easy maintenance, consider remodeling your home with vinyl siding.
  4. Repair a deck – Always good to check around a deck and repair any damage before the winter months.
  5. Check the roof – Minor leaks can become a major problem. Have a professional check for damaged shingles now and rest easy during rainy or snowy weather.
  6. Clean gutters – One of the least liked jobs around the house! But it really should be done to keep gutters free from all those beautiful fall leaves that have landed there. You always want to keep rain and water moving away from your home.
  7. Replace windows – Update windows now to keep warm, be energy efficient, and to save money on your heating bills this winter.
  8. Check weatherstripping – If the caulking around your doors and windows is old and cracked, consider replacing it. This will make a difference in keeping the cold out and warmth in.
  9. Check fireplace and furnace – It’s a good idea to have the fireplace cleaned and your furnace checked before winter arrives. You want these in good working order with no issues before a storm hits.
  10. Organize garage and basement – Clean and put away mowers, hoses, garden tools and all the things you won’t be using till spring. Bring forth snow shovels, winter gloves, and while you’re at it, prepare the snow blower for the winter!

Take a look around the house. There’s always something to be done, right? But a little preparation and care now will be a benefit in future days. So, finish the autumn home improvements, then enjoy the season with that perfect piece of apple pie and pumpkin spice coffee!

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