Consider Vinyl Siding For Your Home

Once you own a home, doesn’t it seem like there’s always something around the house which needs to be done? A window gets broken, the roof springs a small leak, the kitchen is too small, or the floors just need replacing. It never seems to end! And then there’s upkeep of the exterior of the house. Wood shingles split, the paint fades or worse yet, peels off. If you want less outdoor home maintenance, consider vinyl siding.


Consider Vinyl Siding: Your Choices

Vinyl siding has changed over the years and for the better. The style choices are quite varied and can enhance the design of your home. In addition to the traditional look, some have the realistic appearance of cedar, brick or stacked stone. And there’s quite a selection of colors and textures, as well as matching soffits, corners and trims.

Vinyl Siding

A small sample of the variety of vinyl siding.


When choosing the color of your vinyl siding, remember that this product will be outdoors. If possible, take a sample outside to get a better representation of how it will truly appear. (Indoor lighting can have strong yellow, blue or other tones.) Consider your current roof color and what color trim will complement your home. Also, don’t be afraid to mix profiles, such as a cedar siding for the majority of the house with stacked stone closer to the ground level.


Care-free Maintenance

Most vinyl siding products come with a limited lifetime warranty, giving you no worries about maintenance. It’s durable and will look great for years! When compared to traditional wood products, there’s no painting or staining, no peeling or rotting, and vinyl siding is unaffected by insects.

Stop by your local Builders Surplus, a Max T. Value store, to speak with an associate about the benefits of vinyl siding for your home. Your selection is available by special order and the turnaround time is quick; approximately three to five days. (Vinyl siding is currently not available at our Lunenburg store.)

And finally, you can mark this home renovation as done!

Vinyl Siding